Sugary drink sales plummet in Philadelphia after soda tax

(CNN) – Implementing a gross sales tax might assist get People to cease consuming sugary drinks, if a brand new research about Philadelphia soda consumption is any indication.

In 2017, Philadelphia turned the second US city to put a tax on sugary drinks and soda. Within the wake of the tax, sales on these drinks dropped by a whopping 51% within the first yr, in accordance with a research revealed Tuesday within the medical journal JAMA.

The research in contrast beverage costs and sales in Philadelphia — following implementation of the 1.5 cents per ounce tax — with Baltimore, which has an identical demographic but does not have the identical sales tax. With the tax, beverages in Philadelphia jumped from 5.43 cents per ounce in 2016 to 6.24 cents in 2017. In Baltimore, beverages went up from 5.33 cents per ounce to only 5.50 cents.

Whereas researchers discovered that gross sales of sugary beverages fell in Philadelphia after the tax, beverage gross sales in close by cities and counties with out the tax went up. That means individuals might have been touring to get their soda at a lowered worth. Adjusting for this shift, researchers discovered gross sales dropped 38% general.

Half the population consumes sugary drinks on a given day, in response to the CDC. High sugar intake is linked to Sort 2 diabetes, fatty liver disease and excessive ldl cholesterol in youngsters and teenagers, Natalie Muth, a pediatrician and registered dietitian in Carlsbad, California stated. But they are not the only ones affected by excessive sugar consumption. About 12% of adults stay with diabetes in the USA. Frequent consumption of sugary drinks has additionally been linked to a better danger of untimely demise.

In March, the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Heart Affiliation referred to as for insurance policies limiting entry to sugar-sweetened beverages among youngsters and teenagers, including a soda tax.

“We now have tried, and failed, to curb sugary drink consumption by way of schooling and individual decisions alone,” Muth, who was lead writer of the policy statement revealed within the journal Pediatrics, stated on the time. “Identical to coverage modifications have been essential and efficient in decreasing consumption of tobacco and alcohol, we’d like policy modifications that may assist scale back sugary drink consumption in youngsters and adolescents.”

Communities in California and Mexico where a soda tax has already been carried out have had comparable outcomes. Sugary drink consumption went down greater than 50% three years after Berkeley, California, passed a soda tax, in accordance with a research revealed earlier this yr within the American Journal of Public Health.

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